Tools & Workspaces

Computerized embroidery machine

6″ X 5.25″ embroidery area

A great machine to embroider your name or a company logo onto your clothing!

Industrial sewing machine

A heavy duty machine that will sew all kinds of fabrics and even leather!


Electronics Lab

Stocked full of all kinds of equipment and consumables.
Learn how to make a flashlight or a mini death star!


Taz 6 – FDM printer

  • Printing area of 820mm x 630mm x 520mm
  • Max print speed 200mm/sec
  • Average print speed 40mm/sec

Robo 3D – FDM printer

  • Printing area of 250mm x 220mm x 203cm
  • Max print speed 100mm/sec

Pegasus touch – SLA printer

  • Printing area of 178mm x 178mm x 203mm
  • Laser precise printing
  • Rising cured by a UV laser

28″ wide Vinyl cutter

  • Friction fed with suction hold downs
  • Automatic registration marks
  • Cuts adhesive vinyl, heat transfer, yardstick, laminate, low & high intensive reflective material.
  • Can be configured to plot as well as cut.

100 watt CO2 Laser cutter

  • 48″ x 36″ cutting area
  • Cuts up to 3/4 plywood
  • Cuts some plastics
  • Cuts leather, paper, cardboard
  • Engraves: metal, glass, marble, etc.

Tormach 1100 PCNC Mill

  • Perfect for milling 3D objects from: woods, plastics, & Metals.
  • Computer controlled spindle speed and direction
  • Precision R8 spindle – 5000 RPM speed and direction
  • 34″ x 24″ table
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Rotary 4th axis

CNC Router

  • 240V, 3HP, water cooled spindle.
  • 36″ x 24″ cutting area.
  • A precise tool to carve and cut woods and plastics.

Power tools

We have a growing selection of power tools.

Power Tools

Hand tools

It’s not all about high tech machines, we have a growing supply of hand tools.


Woodworking tools

In time we hope to offer a dedicated woodwork shop.

Metalwork tools

In time we hope to offer a dedicated metalwork shop.

Large collaborative room

A perfect room to work on larger projects or collaborate with others to reach your goal.
Our community of makers are always keen to help you!


Want to reserve a room?

Note – please only reserve for when you are actually using the room – you can always add time!


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