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Things to Know about your Membership

  • 21 Feb 2024 2:59 PM
    Message # 13319031
    Kim Harms (Administrator)

    Things to Know as You’re Getting Started  

    Welcome to The MakerLab!  The MakerLab is a community-led makerspace in Southwest Colorado dedicated to providing a collaborative workspace, tools, equipment and resources to makers and artists in the area. We look forward to you being part of our community and making amazing things.  

    • Access 

    • Once your membership has been approved and you have returned a signed membership agreement, you will be given an RFID card which will grant you access 24/7.  Just tap against the RFID sensor box in the front window and after about 2 seconds the door will unlock. To open the door from the inside, twist the lock to the right. The front door will automatically lock when the door closes after you leave, but please double check it. If you have trouble with access, reach out on Slack, we can often help you right away.    

    • Even if the door is already open, we would appreciate it if you would scan your card so we know you were here. We use this data in our grant submissions, so it helps. You can scan in from inside by sliding your card between the glass and the sensor box. Thank you. 

    • Your card will usually be given to you at the end of your orientation tour. These tours are available Mondays 5PM-7PM but can be scheduled for other times as well. Contact info@themakerlab.org for more information. 

    • All members have access to WIFI in The MakerLab space.  The password is “Innovation Improved”.  

    • Communications: The 2 main platforms within The MakerLab are MakerLab.org and Slack.  You should create a profile in each one. 

    • www.TheMakerLab.org is our website. Sign in and enter your profile information and start exploring.  

    • Check out the Events tab right away. This is where you will find Classes to register for.  Intro Classes are requiredin each Lab i.e., Wood, Metal, Laser, 3D Printing etc. before you start working on your own. Most Intro Classes are free or just have fees for materials.  

    • If your time is limited or your project involves use of a tool for a while you can reserve by date and time.  This helps you and other members by not wasting time.  Reserving space via Booking Calendar under the Events tab.  It will also have classes posted, so you know when a space will be busy. 

    •  MakerLab Wiki tab is also a wealth of permanent information for each Lab or Tool.    

    • Slack (themakerlab.slack.com) is an enterprise collaboration tool and the day to day communication with volunteers and other members of The MakerLab. It is important that you sign up and read Slack as it is our most used method of communication.  

    • Sign up and enter your profile information. You will be automatically added to the #general tab. Sign up for any other channels you are currently interested in.  You can always change channels/interests as you get more involved.   

    • Example if you had a problem with your RFID card to enter the building, post a message in Slack in the General channel and someone will quickly help you solve the issue.  

    • You can also modify your notifications in Slack. 

    • The #weekly-digest channel:  Short on time this week? Add the weekly-digest channel to get a weekly summary of What You Want to Know.   

    • Share what you are making with others - we all learn and are inspired by each other. 

    • Using the Space 

    • 24/7 Access with your key card 

    • Don’t use equipment that you haven’t been trained (or at least checked out) on – If an Intro class isn’t listed on the Events page, reach out in Slack and ask. 

    • Use protective equipment and know where safety equipment is 

    • No food or drink near the equipment (bring a water bottle that can be sealed) 

    • Learn from other members, teach other members 

    • If something concerns you, let someone know (Slack or info@themakerlab.org) 

    • Clean up after yourself and do a little extra 

    • Put all the tools you used back where they belong.  

    • If you made sparks in the metal shop, keep observing the space for 30 minutes to make sure none are smoldering somewhere. 

    • If you’re the last person to leave, make sure the doors are locked, the lights and exhaust fans are off. (During the winter, leaving the outside light and the light above the CNC mill on are OK) And if you change the thermostats, please put them back to where they were. 

    • Being a Member: The MakerLab is a community of Makers and you are a member. It is Member Operated and Member Driven.   

    • It is up to all of us to take care of the space and respect others.  Leave the space “better than you found it” is our motto. In your orientation tour you will learn where cleaning supplies are. If you see something that is dirty, please clean it.  

    • No member is any more or less valuable than another. Jump right in and know that you, your thoughts and opinions, and time and talent are important to us all. 

    • Interest and skill levels vary.  Tell us what you are most interested in to start with, and we can help you get the training you need to quickly start creating.   

    • Stop in at Maker Mingles most every other Fridays from 5 to 7 to meet members and share ideas.  

    • Benefits 

    • 24/7 Access with WiFi 

    • Awesome Tools 

    • Classes 

    • Amazing Community of like-minded people 

    • Group Projects and Events 

    • Access to VCarve Pro for free (normally $700) through the makerspace version 

    • Discount on Lightburn for the Lasercutter (you can always use it for free on MakerLab computers) 

    • Getting Help 

    • Slack: Ask questions in the #general channel or in specific channels  

    • Other Members: talk to other people in the space 

    • You can always email Info@TheMakerLab.org with any other questions or concerns 

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