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Intermediate TIG Welding

  • 3 Apr 2024
  • 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • The MakerLab
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  • Metal Shop classes beyond introductory classes.

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Expanding on the foundational concepts of the Introduction to TIG welding class, students will learn the proper cleaning, set up, tacking, and welding of flat bar joints using the TIG welder.  We will begin with easier lap and butt joints on 1/8” plate and advance to T-joints, inside, and outside corner joints as student skills dictate.  We will continue to focus on maintaining proper torch angle, stand-off distance, and filler medal addition.  New topics covered will include understanding the path of heat in out of position welds, evaluating if welds are too hot or too cold, and evaluating if sufficient filler metal was used.  We will cut and subject our welds to break tests to better understand the structural integrity of the welds.  In addition to education, students will receive practice material in the form of pre-cut steel “coupons” to continue their skill development.

Prerequisites:  Students must have completed the Introduction to Metal Shop class.  Additionally, they must have completed the Introduction to TIG welding class or have prior experience with the set-up of a TIG welder, TIG torch, gas cylinder and understand the fundamentals of torch positioning and filler metal addition.  Students will be most successful in the intermediate class if they have dedicated practice time to the torch manipulation drills introduced during the Introduction to TIG welding class.

Students are asked to wear full coverage cotton clothing and close toed leather shoes.  The MakeLab has community welding helmets, but please bring a personal welding helmet if you have one.  TIG welding requires good close vision.  If necessary, students are encouraged to bring impact resistant reading glasses or prescription glasses.
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