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You don’t need to be an absolute expert in the subject matter you would like to share, many hobbyists have plenty of practical knowledge that others will find useful. Our class structure is made to inspire volunteer instructors and participants alike with practical skills that help then become better makers.


Class Name

Please let us know what you would like your class to be named.

Class Description

Please let us know in detail what your class will be about. If you would like to see examples, please view our other classes. Information to Include: What will people be learning in this class? Class prep requirements? Prerequisites? Are there any supplies needed?

Class Price

If you plan to have multiple ticket types, then please add the price range here. Most classes should have two prices: Member and Non-Member

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Proposed Date and Time

In this section you can provide details about class dates and times. Your class can be a one-time occurrence or a recurring class that is available daily, once a week, once every two weeks, or any other frequency. You can also set dates the class won't occur, for example, if a recurring class date lands on a holiday or your birthday, you can create an exception.

This should be the first day the class is offered. If it is a recurring class you can set the schedule below.


In general this should be the same date as the class start date. Exceptions would be if it is a multi-day workshop.


The repeat interval will be how often the class repeats. For example if the interval is daily or weekly, you can put the number 2 for every two days or every other week.

Add certain days to event occurrence dates.

:val: x

In this section you can set the event to run forever, or you can set it to stop on a specific date, or after a certain number of recurrences. For example if you are a teacher and have summers off and would like to teach class only in the summer months you can use these fields to control availability.

Hourly Schedule

If your class or event has multiple sections please add section and time details here. An example would be if there are multi-day courses and/or multiple instructors teaching different aspects of the course.

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Event Location

eg. City Hall

eg. City hall, Manhattan, New York

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In general you should have at least 2 ticket types: Member and Non-Member. We suggest the price of the Member ticket should be half the price of the main ticket. If you are unsure of what to charge, then view some of the other classes so you can get an idea.

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