Safety Glasses

Over 375 safety glasses were designed, fabricated, and shipped.

Shout-out to safety glasses assembly crew: Brian, Brandon, Nate, Elvi, Torin, Jerry, Mary, James, Kelly, and Zack.

Project Description:
We are using acetate sheets (transfer film), 3/16” acrylic rod, a cnc milled form and a home oven to create safety glasses.

The acetate sheets can be laser cut, cut on a water jet, or cut out by hand (although this will take a while, the other methods are preferable). You will need access to a CNC router to create the forms for the acrylic rod. The tool paths have been generated in VCut Pro, you will need access to that as well to open the file.


Open Source

We are committed to an open source model and share our notes and pattern freely.

We welcome a donation of any size as as a form of gratitude.

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