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  1. Dave Henry 2 years ago

    1,800 face shields, 375 safety glasses, 8,000 masks, caps, and gowns; and 100 PAPRs (Powered Air-Purifying Respirators) to San Juan Regional Medical Center (Farmington), Southwest Health Center (Cortez), and the Northern Navajo Medical Center (Shiprock).

    Well done MakerLab and Covid Response Team. Truly impressive.

  2. Anne Hopkins 2 years ago

    Hi, Thanks for your work. I found you on

    Has there been any outreach to the Navajo Nation for donations of masks or other PPE. Seems like families there need masks as much as healthcare workers everywhere. Thanks for considering! Let me know if you’d appreciate someone (me) to do some legwork to enable that outreach. I’d be starting from no knowledge, but can google until I find some contacts. Thanks!

    • James Bowkett 2 years ago

      We have been helping the Navajo Nation thanks for your offer. Do keep looking into how you can help locally to yourself.

  3. Frances Zengotita 2 years ago

    I would like to buy one. Price please 561 255 5169

    • James Bowkett 2 years ago

      I’m afraid we aren’t set up to make for $. The files are all there if you want someone else to make for you. And the filter number. If we have people interested we will post their details here again.

      If you’re a healthcare provider looking for support in our region then contact

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