Masks, Gowns, and More

Over 8,000 face masks, headbands, caps, and gowns were sewn.

Shout-out to the 300+ sewing volunteer crew lead by Michelle, Pat, Sarah, Susan, Celia, Paula, Patty, LeeAnn, Julie.

The Seamstresses & Sewers of Durango came together early in the Covid-19 crisis to provide essential soft good to medical facilities in the Four Corners Region, ably supported by Stitch who provided initial patterns.

MakerLab members & Fort Lewis college ensured that the sewing group had a good supply of non-woven house wrap cut to shape ready to be assembled into gowns.

Make your own mask:

There are a number of resources online for instructions to make masks of varying complexities, a few are linked below. If you’re in need of material(s) for a mask do reach out to local Durango, Colorado company, Stitch, who will be happy to help you find the material you need.

Open Source

We are committed to an open source model and share our mask instructions and gown patterns and instructions freely. Of course, a donation to our project would be greatly appreciated but not required.

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