Face Shield

1,800+ face shields designed, fabricated, and shipped.
Shout-out to local partners on the face shield design and fabrication: Fort Lewis College Physics and Engineering Department and Holt Sheet Metal.
And a thank you also goes out to the face shield assembly crew:  Cathy, Chiara, Nate, Betsy, Nelson, Shera, Elvi, Yeargin family, Caroline, Mary, Mariah, David, Erika, Kelly, Vanessa, David, and Zack.

Project Description:
We are using thin (.020” PETG) plastic sheet to create face shields to go over the N95s and safety glasses.

The shield is secured on the head using elastic cord (⅛” bungee (aka shock cord)). Many substitutes are available, including daisy chained hair ties, braided elastic, or even rubber bands (though these may be less than ideal.

There are three pieces to the cut that get assembled to construct the shield. We will lay these out nested to get as many units from each sheet as possible. Below is a rough sketch of 8 pieces on a 24×48” sheet.


Open Source

We are committed to an open source model and share our notes, assembly instructions, and pattern freely.

We welcome a donation of any size as a form of gratitude.

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