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Nick Coffey



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Jul 16 2018 - Oct 17 2018


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


$20 - $40

Introduction to Laser Cutting w/ Nick Coffey

Laser cutting anyone?… Our introduction to laser cutting is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to use our 100watt co2 laser cutter. The class will focus on safety, machine operation, and operating associated software to turn your files into reality! Our laser cutter has a cutting area of 48″ x 36″. It can cut precisely through 3/4 plywood, solid woods, leather, and plastics. It can also engrave glass, metals, marble, & more. Its like a printer, but with more firepower! After taking the class, you will be able to safely take a file and execute it on the laser cutter, producing what you imagined!

Areas of learning:

  • Laser Safety
  • Introduction to components of the laser cutter
  • Overview of materials
  • Preparing the machine for operation
  • Understanding of the Hurricane CAM software
  • Positioning the laser and workpiece
  • Navigating the laser User interface
  • Cutting 1/4″ plywood
  • Post-cut cleaning
  • Finishing techniques for wood pieces

How to prepare for the class:

During the class you may cut a predesigned vector file. Feel free to create your own vector file to execute on the machine. Your file must be no larger than 100mm x 100mm (4″ x 4″) and be in a .dxf format. We encourage members to spend time developing their VCarve Pro, Illustrator and/or Photoshop skills, so you can create files quite easily!

Please arrive on time, the class will start at 6pm sharp.


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  1. Linda crowther 12 months ago

    I am not really sure what exactly laser cutting is, but i am curious…. Obviously a never before beginner

  2. Williams Family 11 months ago

    If anyone wants to cancel, let me know. We could use 1 more spot for the whole family to go together.

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