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Brandon Walter



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Oct 15 2018


06:30 PM - 09:00 PM



Intermediate Laser Cutting w/ Brandon Walter

Are you ready to take your laser game to the next level? In this two-part class students will have the option to pick from one of three paths to focus on:

1. Mechanical Design: Learn how to design, cut and assemble various hinges, gears, and other mechanically functional parts. Want to design a multi-articulating robot arm? How about a scale model windmill with a working turn crank? Whatever you can think up, this path will help you establish your skills to create 3D mechanical parts on the laser!

2. Advanced Machine Functions: Learn the more intricate, complicated functions of the laser cutter, such as: using the grade engrave function, getting the best possible cut on thicker materials, and vector engraving to speed up your projects! This path will cover more specific use cases and advanced techniques to make the Laser Cutter do just what you need it to!

3. Project-Based Integration: Do you think the Laser is cool, but it could be waaay cooler when used with other tools in the space? This is the path for you! Projects may include, but are not limited to: Make a belt with leatherworking and lasercutting techniques! Design a robotic arm and then motorize and program it! Create kinetic sculptures and functional, stylish furniture pieces using the laser and cnc machines! Project focus areas will change monthly, but if you have an awesome project idea that involves the Laser Cutter please reach out to us and we’ll try to make it happen!

*The first class will be advanced skill building and then the second class will focus on a project, TBD by you!*

The price is for both classes.

*Students must complete the Intro to Laser class before signing up for this one.*


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