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6 Years, Many Dreams and Lots of Work

It’s been a long time coming for the MakerLab. ¬†Beginning with a few curious people tinkering in their garages, our crew has been inventing and educating for many years and can’t be more excited to share be apart of a space that brings the tools of invention and community of makers to the forefront.

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hi, i’m

Brandon Walter


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Brandon Walter

Owner/Lead Design at Solution Graphics, MakerLab Co-Founder.

Brandon is a Graphic Designer, Animator, Tinkerer and life-long Maker. He lives by the motto, “There are no problems, only solutions”, and this line of thought has lead him into numerous interests including woodworking, electronics, physical computing, costume design and more. When he’s not juggling projects, he can usually be found outdoors, on the river, in the mountains, or in the garden.


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